Saturday, July 19, 2014

Food Dies in Microwaves!


The experiment was done by a ten year old girl for a Science Project. She had two small plants each in separate pots. 

She boiled Tap water on the stove, and put it on the side. 
Then she boiled tap water in a microwave, and put that on the side. 
She let both waters cool down. Then she watered one plant with the microwaved water, and the other plant with the boiled water. 
As they grew the microwaved plant turned black and died. She repeated this experiment a few times with the same results.

What a microwave does is, it super excites the food molecules. It changes the molecular structure of the food. So when the food goes into your body it causes a molecular imbalance on a cellular level. It actually takes energy and oxygen obody.

There were studies done which traced the rise of colon cancer, and different digestive diseases linked directly to the use of microwave ovens.

Styrofoam is finally being targeted by the former NYC Mayor Bloomberg to be taken off the market. I totally agree with him on this. 

Styrofoam plates must not be used to heat food either.
Now they are saying not to even put hot food from a conventional oven onto a Styrofoam plate because the heat from the food breaks down the Styrofoam molecules and it gets into the food.

Notice that deli's use cardboard cups now for coffee? They have known about this for years. Does it really have to be regulated by a Mayor?  Is there anyone on earth at this point who doesn't know these things? Yes, there is! 

Food from the microwave may feel cool on the outside while the inside is steaming hot! Microwaved food heats up from the inside out. The elderly and children are most at risk! They are putting the food in the microwave, and eating it too fast, burning their mouths! There was a commercial on showing a mother popping a pop-um right into their child's mouth as soon as it came out of the microwave. They took that commercial off! Elderly are doing this also, scalding their mouths tongues, and throats. I don't have a microwave, and don't miss it.

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